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Read Real Reviews About Gold Unlimted

If you're thinking about visiting Gold Unlimited for any of your jewelry needs, hear what a few previous customers have to say about our service and selection. Taken straight from a few of our social media accounts and various review sites, these unedited reviews are...

emerald stone
Seeing Green: May’s Birthstone Emerald

Green is the color of life and springtime, but the magnificent green of the emerald has also historically stood for harmony, vigor and love. The precious green gems have been regarded for their healing properties and lucky qualities as well. Fresh and vivid, the emerald...

Watch Amateur Miner Discover Gem-Quality Topaz!

Rick Sung is an miner whose passion is finding gem-quality crystals. In this video he searches for Topaz crystals in the deserts of central Utah. Watch him as he hits the mother-load! ...