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12 Pound Gold Nugget Found

12 Pound Gold Nugget Found

A man in Australia found a 12.12 pound gold nugget in a city just outside

of Melbourne in Australia. The nugget was found using a metal detector in an area whose gold rush history dates back to the 1850s.

The gold nugget is estimated to be worth around $300,000 US dollars at current market rates. Given the rarity of the large lump of metal it will probably be valued at a higher price. Such an item will be highly sought after and will probably be sold at 20 to 30% above its weight in gold buyers San Antonio.

As for the anonymous man who discovered the nugget, he has gone back to digging for more gold nuggets. He is hoping to find more nuggets of this size or bigger in the location he found this one at.  Such an item like this can be used to make some nice custom jewelry San Antonio.