How to Give Jewelry Romantically

Let’s face it, the black felt box is classic, but predictable. We’ve talked before about how not to give your woman an engagement ring, but since we’re only talking about jewelry and not the symbol of your eternal devotion – there’s a little more room to be creative. Here are a few ways you can delight her and still be romantic and fun.

Make it a Part of the Course

Going out to dinner is one of the oldest date ideas in the book, but there’s also a reason why it’s still done today. Food is timeless! Now don’t get the wrong impression by thinking we’re going to tell you to hide that expensive piece in the champagne or cake. An even better idea is to ask the waiter to prepare a special “course”. After you finish one of your courses, he will bring out the the special course – revealing the ring, bracelet, or necklace on a silver platter or plate. Trust us, she will never forget that dinner.

Put it in an Everyday Used Object

This is where you can get really get fun and creative. Find something that she uses every day regularly, perhaps even at specific times. It could be a makeup bag, a special coffee cup, or a book she’s been reading. By selecting something she uses every day you’ll be showing her that you notice even the little things she likes and uses in life. Of course, she’ll also be incredibly surprised.

Deliver it at Work

Kiss her goodbye as she heads out to the office and then get your plan in motion! You need to already have had your jewelry piece picked out and ready to go. You may want to supplement it with some flowers or her favorite snack. Get all dappered up and drop in on her unawares. She’ll definitely be the talk of the office after and there will be no doubt she has the most romantic man.

Put it in Her Own Jewelry Box

Another great way of surprising her with jewelry is to be a little more straight forward. Find out where she keeps her valuables – either in a jewelry box, a drawer, or armoire. Put your piece inside (make sure it’s the first thing she notices when she goes to accessorize) and watch her delighted reaction when she realizes there’s something completely new waiting for her.

Write a Love Letter

Of course, how you could go wrong with the classic love letter? The problem is, not many guys actually do it! It doesn’t have to be poetic. Just be genuine, tell her how she makes you feel, and say you love her. Put her jewelry piece inside and seal it with a kiss. You’re sure to get one in return!

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