What to Consider When Shopping for a Bridal Set

Considering proposing to the love of your life? Shopping around as couple knowing you both want to spend the rest of you lives with one another? Engagement ring shopping or wedding band shopping is a very intimate experience as you consider what the rings symbolize and how they will be a part of you and your love’s life forever. For many, the process is a two-stage approach. First the engagement ring is carefully shopped for and selected, and then presented to the bride to be. Next, (after she hopefully says “yes”), typically the hopeful couple will go wedding band shopping together.

It is not uncommon for the engagement ring’s centerpiece to be a diamond and for the wedding bands to be a relatively simple, gold band. However, there is an attractive alternative that some marriage hopefuls are not aware of that can add a bit of congruency as well as simplify the shopping experience – not to mention potentially save them a bit of money. It’s called a bridal set.

What is a Bridal Set?

Bridal sets are a design that whose intention is to simplify and delight through seamless integration of the engagement ring and the wedding band. They are constructed so that both may be worn at the same time, on the same finger. Every bride wants her rings to be beautiful, but being able to combine both the band and the diamond ring together to make a unique piece adds another level of creativity and versatility. You can purchase premade bridal sets (sometimes referred to as “wedding sets”), or have a set custom made for a look you can be sure no one else in the world will have.

Types of Bridal Sets

The three types of bridal sets you may be asked if you want are “parallel sets”, “integrated sets”, or a “3 Ring” design. Parallel sets are individual matching rings that, that don’t interlock, meaning that the wedding band or engagement ring can be worn independently. Integrated sets mean that the engagement ring and band are molded in such a way as they interlock seamlessly when worn together – this means that if worn individually, a noticeable indentation or curve will be seen. # Ring design crafted to include the engagement ring, the wedding band, and the Groom’s wedding ring.

View our Selection of Bridal Sets

At Gold Unlimited we showcase a wide variety of engagement rings and wedding bands. If you’d like to explore the possibility and simplicity of purchasing a bridal set, we carry a variety of new and vintage sets for your perusal. Keep in mind that we can also augment existing sets to match a ring you already own. We look forward to making your day of commitment even more memorable.

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