Tying the Knot? Get Extremely Old School with Your Engagement Ring

You’ve found them. The special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Step one: check. Step two: finding the perfect ring to symbolize your love and commitment. You step into Gold Unlimited and see the countless number of engagement rings on selection, but which one to choose? You know you don’t want something plain and boring. You want something with pizazz, something away from the plain old ‘band and diamond.’ That’s when you see it: the Hercules knot. You’ve seen it before, the simple circle inside a circle, but the design itself seems so ancient, so old. Where did the design come from, and why does it feel so right for your proposal?

Tradition of ‘Tying the Knot’

You might not know it, but a majority of our modern wedding and engagement traditions come from Ancient Rome. The reception, carrying the bride through the doorway, the garter belt: all of these go back millennia. But there is one that has begun to wane in popularity in recent years: the Hercules knot. In Ancient Rome, the Hercules knot symbolized healing, binding, and commitment. The Hercules knot was put on all sorts of jewelry ranging from headbands to rings; it was even used to fasten the woman’s garter before the marriage ceremony began. (Tying the knot, get it?)

The Switch to ‘Band and Diamond’ Engagement Rings

The Hercules knot was used for thousands of years to show commitment and binding between two people, but in recent years, it has been replaced by the easily recognizable ‘circle and diamond’ design. The circle itself continues the tradition of the Hercules knot (circles are never ending, symbolizing the love between two individuals) but is much easier for jewelers to craft and mold. But, while the plain ‘band and diamond’ ring maintains the symbolism, the Hercules knot brings beauty, elegance, and radiance to the hand of the one you love.

A Symbol of Love

Your love isn’t something plain and simple. Your love is complex. Your love binds you and your partner together, and you’re ready to take that next step. Why settle for a simplistic engagement ring? Why not choose a ring that embodies your love with the charm, elegance, and symbolism that your loved one deserves? The Hercules knot may not be for you, but variations of the knot are countless.

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