Follow these 4 Fall Jewelry Trends

fall jewelry trends

Do you feel the coolness that comes recently with every morning? Yep, fall is upon us and with it all the benefits of the season – hot drinks, parties, warm sweaters, and one holiday after the next. At this time of year it’s common for friends and family to get together and celebrate. How will you make a splash at your next gathering? Here are 4 jewelry trends you can incorporate into your stylish ways this fall.

Cliché is OK

When it comes to wearing seasonally inspired jewelry, remember – it’s ok to be cliché. Especially around this time of year with all of the holidays, you can easily find a way to incorporate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year into your wardrobe.

In other words, if you have something that is quintessentially holiday-esque: a wreath, a leaf, a jack-o-lantern, or more – own it!

Think Warmth

Your jewelry ensemble will go only as far as your wardrobe takes it. Make sure you are keeping in line with fall color trends. Use a lot of depth in your clothing color – golden undertones, chestnut browns, and dark, rusty reds.

Your clothing selection should be low in contrast, meaning that no particular piece should dominate another. However, a make sure your contrast isn’t so low that you risk being neutral!

Less is More

Think of fall as that middle step child – full of whimsy and promise, but always overlooked. One must really spend quality time with fall to truly understand this time of year. Since fall is the time of transitions and casting off, try to manage your menagerie of jewelry so that it speaks to this.

Don’t overdo it, but play with the balance between plenty and scarcity, just like the delicate dance of the seasons.

Look Organic

Fall is all about returning to the concept of the earth – the provider, the time of harvest. Make sure your fall jewelry falls in line with this. Go after organic shapes and earthy flows and feels. Stay away from anything too angular, industrial, or shapes that appear manufactured.

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