Choosing an Elegant Timepiece for the Groom-To-Be

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True love comes at just the right time. Give your groom the perfect gift that shows off his style, lasts a lifetime and reminds him of the time you have spent together – a watch that he’ll be proud to wear on your wedding day.

As a bride, you will be wearing a beautiful new dress, lavish jewelry, new shoes and more. The glamour of your big day shouldn’t be one sided, though. Make your groom feel loved and appreciated with a gift crafted specifically for your wedding day.

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This memorable gift may become a family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next. Be sure it is a timeless piece that is luxurious and meets your man’s refined taste and personality.

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What to Consider…

His hobbies and style
  • Watches are availability in a variety of styles, including dress, designer, sports and classic. Between color, crystal type and strap materials, the options are limitless, so be sure to select a style that best suits your suitor.
Price point
  • What is realistic for you in terms of cost? A quality watch can begin at about $200 and can increase in price to well over $1,000. Narrow down his potential watches with a price point that won’t break the bank.
What materials and details
  • Does your future husband prefer gold? What about titanium? Does his pay attention to detail? If so, a rotating bezel may be a nice addition. For the dial, do you think he would prefer a digital face or an analog with either Roman or Arabic numerals?
  • If your groom is of a large stature, choose watches with large faces. If he is smaller, choose more compact and subtle watch models.

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These simple tips can easily help you determine which watch is the perfect selection for your groom on your wedding day – a purchase that will display your gratitude and love. If you feel you need a bit more help though, come into Gold Unlimited for professional advice and personalized service. We will adjust your selection to fit, outfit the piece with generous warranties and share repair knowledge that will put your mind at ease. Trust Gold Unlimited with this important purchase for your big day.


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