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4 Heartwarming Holiday Proposals from Gold Unlimited

4 Heartwarming Holiday Proposals from Gold Unlimited

It’s that time of year where magic and warmth and hot chocolate abound – The Holidays! There’s just something about the cold weather and the general spirit of togetherness that creates some our fondest memories. So what have you got planned for Christmas this December? If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pull a wonderfully creative stunt on your loved ones there is no better time than the present. The following people thought so as well and make up Gold Unlimited’s list of heartwarming holiday proposals.

Almost right away you realize something special is about to happen as it’s pretty uncommon for a grown woman to sit on St. Nick’s lap. As Kristen sits down, Santa already has something for her – a small box. Her curiosity is awakened and as she sheepishly opens the package, her significant other Lee moves in to pop the question he’s been thinking of for a long time, “Will you marry me?” Judging by the size of that engagement ring, we think the response was positive.

Sometimes the best proposals happen in less than intimate settings and require a lot of collaboration. Ryan Mulloy thought a Christmas performance at the Tower City in Cleveland was the perfect opportunity. A toy soldier asked Leanna Krause to dance with him. Soon after that, Ryan was dancing as well. It seemed like a spontaneous, fun moment. Then, the music stopped and the crowd went silent. Ryan got down on one knee, held out a beautiful engagement ring and proposed. Leanna accepted as the crowd erupted in cheers.

You might first think that the rambunctious Santa is the clever proposer in disguise, but after giving Leah a small package he exits. After a few moments she begins to fiddle with the box. Immediately upon opening it her boyfriend (who has been standing casually by the refrigerator) drops to one knee and totally floors her. She can’t stop staring at her diamond engagement ring and then back at him as if to say, “Are you serious???!”

Last but certainly not least is this incredibly creative and ultimately surprising Christmas proposal under the guise of a family photo. This man got the whole clan involved with shirts and angles and double-sided signs. First one picture is taken, then in a clever move two family members switch spots and completely change the entire message. Needless to say, when the man’s soon-to-be fiancé reviews the picture, she is floored and spins around to find a custom engagement ring and a single question waiting for her.

Make a Memory this Christmas with an Engagement Ring from Gold Unlimited

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