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5 Reasons Fall Weddings are Unforgettable

5 Reasons Fall Weddings are Unforgettable

Fall is the time for hot, spiced drinks, warm sweaters, and growing anticipation for the holidays ahead. While these fall trends are expected and welcome, there is another trend that hopes to become a fall mainstay – weddings. Yes, spring and summer are losing out to this often overlooked season of change as one that more couples are finding an attractive alternative to the norm. So, what makes fall weddings so unforgettable?

The Natural Light is Perfect

fall weddings
Winter light is non-existent. Summer light is too harsh. Spring is too glamorous. Fall brings about a unique time where a tilted earth and cooler weather work to create of some of the most atmospheric lighting conditions imaginable. The orange sands of time, the purple north star, the jet-blue night and the bronze sunset create an ensemble of captivating splendor.

The Weather is Superb

We love summer because the days are long. However, those longer days usually mean they are hotter as well. Air conditioning, cold drinks, and swimming are great, but after a while the dog days of summer pile up and make us say – “Please stop!” Fall brings welcome relief from the summer heat. It is a season of transition that refreshes our humid, hot minds and bodies. Wedding guests will be full of delight!

The Color Palette Opens Up

fall weddings
Having a wedding in the fall opens up the color palette like never before. Dark colors are acceptable, refined, and luxurious. Greens, robust pinks, deep maroons, yellows, browns, and smoky blues work together to create a perfect reflection of the season.

Your Menu will be Seasonably Delicious

Weddings are a time for celebration and one of the best ways to celebrate is around the table. Wedding receptions can be a tricky part to plan for any couple – you have to try and appeal to a lot of hungry mouths. A fall wedding can make menu planning easier by letting the upcoming holidays influence the offerings. Turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie? Yum. Who would say no to that?

Venues can be More Affordable

Finally, a fall wedding can be ideal when it comes to saving money on wedding venue costs. Since the fall is not as peak a time as other months throughout the year, you can usually find a better deal at wedding venues in your area. Make sure you inquire well in advance because you never know who may the same idea as you!

Whatever they are and whenever you decide to tie the knot – Gold Unlimited is here to make your day as special as can be. Come in and view our selection of bridal sets, wedding bands, and engagement rings.

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