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5 San Antonio Jewelry Storage Tips

5 San Antonio Jewelry Storage Tips

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by our blog. If you’re here you probably want to find out more about fine San Antonio jewelry. You’re in luck! In this segment we will be giving a few tips on how to properly store your fine jewelry. After all, you’ve inherited or invested in some expensive items – they should be treated with care!

1. Choose a box that’s sturdy and soft. Sturdy on the outside and soft on the inside that is. It should be rigid enough to prevent crushing but have an especially soft interior to help keep the metal polished and safe from blows or scratches.

2. Plastic bags for travel. Taking your jewelry along for the trip? Your basic, run-of-the-mill zip-lock bag will suffice. Useful for protection against humidity and also for quick visual inspection.

3. Clean your jewelry regularly. It’s recommended you clean your pieces after each use. Oil and dirt will corrode and tarnish your jewelry over time.

4. Store separately. Keep rings with rings, necklaces with necklaces, bracelets with bracelets, etc. This will help prevent accidental entanglement and scratching by keeping everything jumbled together.

5. Silver gets TLC. Give your silver a little more love and care. Silver tarnishes more easily than other metal types and needs more frequent cleaning. Consider a tarnish-resistant box.

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