Jewelry Trends on the Oscar’s Red Carpet

Charlize Theron Diamonds

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony was memorable to many; audiences had the opportunity to see all their favorite stars in one place on February 28. Glamour and fashion played mayor roles on this year’s red carpet – especially as reflected in the jewelry selections. While watching the ceremony, we learned that diamonds were again a favorite of the Oscars elite as a symbol of class and elegance. Here are a few of the other trends that we noticed and the Gold Unlimited pieces they resemble.

Diamond Earrings  Diamond Chandelier earrings


This year, a major trend included playing with shapes like teardrops and geometrical figures for earring, necklaces, hair ornaments, rings and bracelets.


When it comes to wearing diamonds, every star knows how to wear them in a unique manner. Diamond trends at this year’s Oscars ceremony included rose-cut, cushion-cut and diamond chandelier earrings.

Diamond Bracelet Diamond Bracelet

Masterpiece Selection

Diamonds took the spotlight by far at the 88th Academy Awards, but we also saw many of these masterpieces combined with yellow and white gold, platinum, pearls and sapphire. We loved seeing the distinct combinations of colors and materials.

gu-ruby-gem  diamond sapphire ring

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