The Most Iconic Movie Proposals: Did yours make the List?

Have you got cold come Valentine’s Day? Be courageous, she’ll say yes! But if you think it may not be the right time, that’s ok. Take the time muster up the gumption and make sure you’ve prepared exactly the romantic, unforgettable moment you’ve always imagined. Here are some iconic movie proposals that will hopefully get you inspired to pop ‘the question” soon.

1. Gone with the Wind


Let’s start out with one of the most classic and mystifying relationships in all of cinema – Scarlett and Rhett from Gone with the Wind. Rhett tells her how much he loves her, but Scarlett calls hi ill-bred, that she’ll never marry again, and doesn’t love him. He kisses her, and looking up she tells him, “Yes.”

2. Sweet Home Alabama


Known for the undying country hit as well as for Reese Witherspoon heartthrob role, Sweet Home Alabama’s proposal scene is one most aren’t sure to forget any time soon. In the movie, Melanie (Witherspoon) is taken to a darkened, unknown location by her boyfriend Andrew (Patrick Dempsey). The lights come on and it’s revealed they are at Tiffany’s in NY. After asking her to marry him he tells her to pick any ring she wants.

3. Runaway Bride


One of Julia Roberts’ most beloved roles is Maggie from Runaway Bride. After leaving no less than four men at the altar, Maggie actually does one of the most heroic things she can muster and proposes to Ike (Richard Gere). She tells him, “I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us will want to get out. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

4. Walk the Line


The great thing about this story is that it is actually based on actual events. Johnny and June’s relationship was one of the more intimate one’s the greater public has been able to witness. One night before playing a duet that they were so famous for performing together, Johnny says, “Sorry folks, I can’t do this song anymore unless she’s gonna marry me…I’ve asked you 40 different ways.”

5. Love Actually


Jamie is a British man who falls in love with hit housekeeper – a Portuguese woman who speaks no English. Even though they cannot communicate, Jamie works to change this by learning her language so he can propose to her. She responds to his question by replying in English, showing that she also has been thinking of him and practicing.

6. The Notebook


Almost every girl has seen it and if you had a girlfriend at the time you’ve probably seen it too. Yes, the dialogue could borderline on nauseatingly mushy, but overall it struck a chord with romantics everywhere. In particular is the proposal scene where Noah tells Allie, “I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day.”

7. Moonrise Kingdom


The most recent of our Iconic Movie Proposals also is the quirkiest. The two characters are barely 12 years old, but they act over twice that age. They fall in love and decide to run away on an adventure together. They are both asked by the master of ceremony (who acknowledges he has no real legal authority) if they love each other. They both confidently declare “Yes.”


Make Yours Memorable Too

Life is not a movie, but many movies are based on real life events. We wouldn’t have the feelings of romance we get from watching these proposals if we didn’t think that in part they could be possible for us. Gold Unlimited wants you to have your own iconic proposal, one that will be just as memorable and much more meaningful than anything you could see in a movie.

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7 Signs You Gotta Put a Ring on Her Finger

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Valentine’s Day is only a few short weeks away. Already the grocery stores and pharmacy aisles are filled with red and pink chocolate hearts, fake flowers, cards and candies. Have you got a love of your life you want to impress, a special someone you just know in your heart of hearts is the one? Does she make you light up inside every time you see her? Why not decide to take that next step and show her in the most universal way? Here are 7 signs you gotta put a ring on her finger.

1. She Loves You for You

You’ve done the whole charade of trying to impress people and appear smarter, funnier, wealthier, or more adventurous. She is the first person that you didn’t have to pretend with. She loves you for you – in spite of your shortcomings and imperfections. In fact, she may even love you because of them. When you can be your absolute self around someone you’ve found something quite rare.

2. She makes you a Better Person

She loves you for you and that’s what you love about her, but because of that you want to be a better person. She doesn’t try to control you or complain constantly about you not meeting her expectations. You want to be better for her because she deserves it for being with you. You may fail, but your heart is always in the right place.

3. You’re Most Content when she’s around

You used to like your alone time with the boys playing cards and watching sports. But now those things just don’t satisfy you like they used to. Finding ways of being with her more consumes you because when you are, you want nothing else. Feeling grounded, life feels as it should be.

4. Every Other Woman Pales in Comparison

Those who say they don’t notice other women are lying. So when she asks you tell her the truth. Your truth should be that yes, you acknowledge other women, but almost immediately you forget they are there because they aren’t your woman. She is a magnetic energy you’re drawn to, the one whose gaze and approval you desire the most. The color of the world fades in her presence and you’re captivated by it.

5. You Feel Unstoppable Together

Alone you feel vulnerable, but when you’re with her you feel you can conquer mountains – sometimes literally. Whether it be overcoming personal issues, financial problems, participating in a new activity, going on an adventure, starting a business or dropping everything and moving to another state, anything feels possible with her by your side.

6. She’s a Great Friend, Not just a Lover

Romance is an incredible feeling when you’re in love, but love doesn’t always have to look like Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes love looks like a best friend that teases and jokes, one that isn’t afraid to let you have a little space to let you enjoy your hobbies and endeavors. In fact, she may even want to participate and learn about your interests because she knows they’re what make you the person she loves.

7. You want to Experience the Best in life with Her

This one is easy. Do you envision sharing the most monumental moments of your life with her? Is it difficult to imagine any of them without her in the picture? Then you gotta put a ring on her finger.

Not just any engagement ring will do.

You need one that will capture her matchless spirit. At Gold Unlimited we carry some of the finest custom engagement rings that will do just that. Come into our showroom today and we’ll help you make this Valentine Day one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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