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Gold in Dentistry

Cash for gold San Antonio, we’ll buy any kind of gold, even dental gold. Why is gold used in dentistry instead of something else and cheaper like iron? Well for one thing if dentists used iron instead your mouth would start to rust in a few days and you would have to get used to the taste of iron. Doesn’t sound too appealing does it? Even though gold has a high premium for the substance, it has superior performance and aesthetic quality over other metals. Gold is used because it is chemically inert, non-allergenic and easy for the dentist to use.

The use of gold in dentistry dates all the way back to 700 BC to the time of the Etruscans. Etruscan “dentists” used gold wire to fasten replacement teeth in the mouths of their patients. It was most likely to have been used to fill in cavities as well. Fast forward to the 1970s where there was a dramatic drop in use of gold in dentistry due to the rising gold prices and the development of substitute materials. However there is a return to gold usage in dentistry being seen today. Be sure to keep your gold fillings because San Antonio jewelry stores like us will pay good money for them.