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Hold On Tight

The media is very good about letting us know when the price of gold drops. Last week, the price of gold dropped $200 in just two days. But since last week the price rose again $100 in value.

The lesson here should be that while prices of gold and silver are always fluctuating the best thing you can do in any case is hold on to it. Gold all over the world transcends all banking institutions, governments and monetary systems. In troubled times gold is the most tangible asset that you can own virtually without risk.

Golds price is headed much higher in years to come given the current economy situation. The monetary base and revolving credit will most likely drop after which the price of gold will rise. As an investor, it is wisest to transfer your wealth on a better day. Don’t be fooled by the constantly fluctuating prices of gold and silver. Hold on to your most valuable assets.