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How Can I Get My Hands On Some Gold?

How Can I Get My Hands On Some Gold?

Treasure Map?

How can I get my hands on some gold? In other words, how do I go about investing in gold in today’s economy? Is it a wise choice? Its really hard to say actually. The price of the precious commodity has been known to rise and fall with some volatility, but it will always depend on the dollar. 

As the dollar falls, it will inevitably rise” The value of gold remains outside of the world economy and the central banks. It is the medium of exchange which cannot be printed or reproduced. So what are your choices when your ready to invest in the stuff?

  • Pay cash for some gold bullions.
  • Gold exchange traded funds (ETF’s)
  • Gold Mutual Funds
  • Junior Gold Stock
  • Gold Options and Futures


Currency can be tricky, as your credit is at risk in situations of irresponsible monetary policy. It holds no tangible value therefore it must be considered a risky asset.