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How to Avoid Gold Scammers

How to Avoid Gold Scammers

As the price of gold increased over the last few years so have the fraudsters and shady precious metal investors. Commodities like gold and silver are being touted as a safe alternative to other forms of investments which have risks just like any other. The Federal Trade Commission has received numerous reports of schemes where sellers promise consumers will receive quick returns when investing in gold San Antonio.

Here are some tips for avoiding gold scams. First you must be wary of sellers in a hurry. Be sure to take your time and do research. Next check the seller’s registration. Check to see if the broker you may be dealing with is properly registered with the National Futures Association. Many times scam firms are run by former commodities brokers who have been previously sanctioned by the NFA or lost their license. Be sure to deal locally. Don’t do business with someone who you can’t see face-to-face. And last get a deposit slip. Since most of the time consumers will not actually be holding the gold they buy, you should ask the broker to produce a deposit slip to show the purchase of the metal. If a company can’t produce a deposit slip then it is most likely a fraud.

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