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Need an appraisal? What to look for in your San Antonio Jeweler

Need an appraisal? What to look for in your San Antonio Jeweler

For those of us that own fine jewelry, precious metals, or gemstones, we know that what we own is valuable, but we may not always be aware that value can change over time. That investment you made a decade or so ago may have appreciated over time.

It’s a good idea for all jewelry owners to periodically get an appraisal on their valuables. This will not only provide you with accurate value, but will give you the opportunity to find better insurance to cover the appreciated items – protecting you from loss.

What to Look for in an Appraiser

1. How do they calculate their fee? Make sure it’s separate from the final appraisal of your jewelry.

2. What is their appraisal process like? They should be able to explain it in a language you understand.

3. Do they offer a “statement of total value”? This is something that should not be altered and comes with a seal.

4. Do they provide an appraisal estimation? This is important for insurance purposes.

5. Do they include in the appraisal process? Find someone who will be happy to talk to you and answer all your questions.

Need your jewelry appraised?  Want to invest in your future or simply love gold and gemstones? San Antonio’s Gold Unlimited has you covered! Come by our showcase or call 210-340-4433 to see what we can do for you.