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Old, new, borrowed, blue: Wedding Traditions and Trends

Old, new, borrowed, blue: Wedding Traditions and Trends

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

This traditional rhyme has been recited at weddings near and far. It outlines four objects that a bride adds to her wedding outfit or carries on her big day that will bring good luck to her marriage and the wedding itself. Whether it is in jewelry, attire or accessories, see how brides in 2016 have been displaying these good luck charms.

Something Old

Tie or pin a photo of the bride’s parents or grandparents to the base of the wedding bouquet.

something old wedding photo
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Whether a brooch, hair pin or bracelet, wear a breathtaking piece of vintage jewelry on your wedding day.

vintage old bracelet jewelry
Vintage Gold Unlimited bracelet


Made from the mother of the bride’s wedding gown, this pearl-adorned clutch makes for a beautiful wedding day accessory. This “something old” is sentimental and gorgeous.

something old wedding
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Something New

Always a fabulous reason to get a few new  pieces of jewelry, snag something original in the form of diamonds.

diamond earrings jewelry
Gold Unlimited diamond earrings
gold unlimited jewelry diamond necklace
Gold Unlimited diamond necklace


Something Borrowed

 A veil from a relative of the bride or a best friend is the perfect “something borrowed.” It symbolizes that marriage doesn’t mean the end of old relationships.

something borrowed wedding veil
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Lipstick from the mother of the bride is a unique, quirky borrowed item.

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Something Blue

Aquamarine and sapphire – blue stones in gorgeous settings of all sorts add a bluish hue without distracting from the bride and the dress.

aquamarine earrings gold boutique
Gold Unlimited aquamarine earrings
gold unlimited jewelry blue stone rings
Gold Unlimited blue stone rings

Blue shoes add a classic elegance to your otherwise all-white look.

wedding-inspiration-caribbean-beach-wedding-antigua-abbey-something blue
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2016 has seen some subtle trends like this light blue nail polish.

the-new-something-blue-5-creative-ideas blue nails wedding
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As you move closer to your big day, trust that your wedding accessories are unique, memorable and of the highest quality possible. Come meet our knowledgeable staff in person for any of your wedding jewelry needs, and we will choose a unique piece suited specifically to you. If we don’t have the perfect item in store, we can custom create a piece that is tailored to fit exactly what you have been envisioning.

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