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Store Your Jewelry Safely

Store Your Jewelry Safely

A large-scale insurance company recently reported that jewelry claims are 15 percent higher in December in January, with February about eight percent higher. Insurers have also reported that personal jewelry is most commonly stolen from the home. Losing a precious jewel, ring, necklace, bracelet or pendant can mean not only a significant financial loss, but a sentimental loss as well, so what can you do to keep them protected?

There are many ways you can improve the security of your jewelry at home if you’re diligent about safeguarding. Help protect your valuable pieces of jewelry against the elements and theft with an in-home safe. Safes offer a secure and central location to organize, store and retain some of your most prized possessions. Whether your collection is small or extensive, these tips can go a long way in terms of safeguarding your valuables.



When selecting the safe that’s right for you, there are several factors to consider. Below are a few of the essential aspects to weigh out in preparation for your purchase.

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How Well Does it Protect?

Safes are easy targets for burglars, as most manufacturers construct safes that can only withstand about five minutes of attempted entry with a medium sized crowbar. The safe should have at least a ½-inch-thick solid steel floor and at least ¼-inch-thick solid plate welded steel walls.

The safe you select should also be weighty. If an offender can easily pick up and transport the safe with all of your jewels inside, it hasn’t done you any good. You want a safe well above minimum standards to ensure maximum protection.


Is it Accessible?

Usually located near a bedroom, vanity or closet, your jewelry storage should be easily accessible so that the pieces can be worn when desired. Study the layout of your current bedroom and master bath to decide which area would be best for your safe. Once you’ve decided on location, color and additional style features that compliment your room’s surroundings can be selected.


Does it Fit My Needs?

Form should always follow function, meaning a safe’s size and structure should suit your needs. Which items do you intend on storing regularly? How would you like them to be organized? What size safe will store your collection? How do you want to access your items?

Many quality jewelry safes are customizable with various locking mechanisms, interchangeable drawer inserts and soft lining options like satin, velvet or felt.



  • Keep inventory of your pieces – photos and descriptions in electronic form is preferable.
  • Clean your jewelry after each use to remove dirt and sweat.
  • Store each type individually to avoid entanglement, damage and scratches.
  • Keep the safe out of site.
  • Keep doors closed where you don’t want visitors to stray.
  • Be mindful of family, friends and pets.

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Don’t put your valuables at risk – preserve the priceless with an in-home safe. When you are ready to add a few pieces to your collection, visit Gold Unlimited and choose from the finest selection of jewelry and watches. You will treasure these pieces forever.

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