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Supplement your Tax Return with Cash for Gold

Supplement your Tax Return with Cash for Gold

One of the best things about the New Year is the possibility of receiving a much welcome check from the Federal Government. Yes, tax season is upon us and you’re either excited (because you know you’ll probably get something back) or you’re dreading it because you know you’ll be handing even more of your hard earned cash over in taxes. For many though, this expected lump sum is one they look forward every year, especially in the light of post-holiday spending.

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The average 2013 tax return last year was just shade hair below $3000. This is a welcome amount people use to pay for holiday expenses, insurance premiums, several months payment on a new car, a deposit on an apartment, or an early springtime getaway. However, those with families may be harder pressed to use this money for children’s medical expenses, education, or clothes. $3000 may seem like quite a bit at first, but it can become divided up quite quickly when there a slew of needs to be met. What will you use your return for? Will it be enough? If not, we have a solution you may not have thought of or if you have – might be wary of.

Get extra cash for your Gold

The last decade has seen the price of gold skyrocket. In 2000 the price per ounce was around $300. In only a few years it’s risen to all-time high at over $1,100 an ounce! As a result there has been an explosion of gold buying companies and merchants out there that want to give you cash for gold. However, many of these businesses are out for short term profit and are looking to buy low and sell quickly. This means they won’t pay near market value for customers’ gold items. Those who really need some quick cash will find themselves with a bad taste in their mouths as they were misled into parting with something that was worth more than they got for it.

At Gold Unlimited we pride ourselves as being one of the oldest, trusted jewelry stores and gold buyers in San Antonio. If you need extra cash this spring and your tax refund just won’t be enough, consider those unused jewelry items as an option for you to supplement you income needs. We are fair buyers that want you to be satisfied with your transaction and will work to give you top dollar for your gold.

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