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The Perfect Jewelry for Back to School

Whether you’re a student yourself or looking to celebrate someone heading back into the world of education, we have all the jewelry you need to make it through the school year.

1. Diamond posts

These posts are the perfect everyday look in the classroom. Just as classic as a pearl stud, they’re more durable and require much less careful handling. The student or teacher in your life can take these from the classroom to an outing, without worrying much about a jewelry transition. For the student-athlete in your life, diamond studs can even go from class to practice with little worry about damage or having a more dangly earring in the way.

Diamond stud earrings

2. A classic wristwatch

Let’s face it: being on time for class is half the battle. Give your student a leg up with a simple, classic wristwatch. They’ll be on time to their next period, whether or not the bell rings. Plus, any teacher will admire a student who still wears a watch- it suggests timeliness and a sense of organization.

Classic wristwatch

3. Something to remind your college student of home

Whether it’s a birthstone, a special piece of heirloom jewelry, or something entirely new just to show you’re proud of them, a gift makes all the difference. Something to take back to school with them let’s your student hold on to a little piece of home, whether it’s their first trip to college or their fourth.

Garnet ring
No matter what your student needs for back-to-school jewelry, Gold Unlimited has a variety of fine earrings, watches, gems, and more to suit your needs. Stop by our store or shop online to find the perfect piece today.

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