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What to get her? Popular jewelry in San Antonio

What to get her? Popular jewelry in San Antonio

Uh-oh. Christmas is just around the corner and guess what – you put off shopping AGAIN this year. What’s worse is your significant other knows it and their hopes for a great gift are diminishing with each passing day. What can you do to save Christmas (and your right to sleep in the bedroom)? Easy. Get her some jewelry.

Jewelry, you might ask yourself? Isn’t that a hit or miss gift? To be honest, YES. Jewelry can be one of the hardest items to select for a gift. Just because something is shiny and is made of precious metal or gems doesn’t mean the recipient will like it. Like anything else, selecting jewelry requires a base level of taste as well as intimate knowledge of the person you’re buying for. To help you out we’ve created some categories that your guy or gal might fall into and some popular choices for each.

The Animal Lover

If you have an animal lover on your hands, you’re in luck. Just find out their favorite animal and look for jewelry in that theme. A bonus is if they also have a favorite pet. If you give a gift to their furry loved-one you’re sure to win extra points!

The Trendy One

Do you have trend follower, someone who is always plugged into the latest and greatest happenings? This may seem like one of the hardest people to pick jewelry for, but in reality, because their tastes are all over the fashion spectrum, it can be easy to find something they’ll like.

The Fitness Nut

You probably see them more in tank-tops and spandex than in blue jeans and dresses. They probably aren’t ones for anything too gaudy or flashy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a tasteful necklace or bracelet. Pay attention to some of the accessories their favorite athletes are wearing and you shouldn’t go wrong.

The Tech Lover

11001100011100010101. Didn’t make sense to you, but maybe it does to them. Breaking from the traditional wearable items you could opt instead to glitz up their tech with some rhinestones and gems. Their are many cases for phones and tablets that come ready to put on.

The Bookworm

A good book can captivate the heart in the most mysterious ways. Your selection should aim to achieve that. You can also look for beautiful bookends or bookmarks that are sure to enhance their latest novel and library.

The Hobbyist

Simple. What do they like doing in their spare time? Gaming? Quilting? Gardening? Do they collect things? You can find many charms that will fit their interest perfectly.

The Professional

They mean business. Pick something in primary metal colors. Gold, silver, Platinum are all good, but make sure they aren’t too ornate. Earrings and pearls for women are a good choice.

The Sport Lover

Goooo Spuuurs! Find something with their favorite team or sport on it and you’re a shoe-in for winning the “best gift of the year” award.

The Explorer

This is for the outdoor enthusiast or travel lover. Find out the favorite places they’ve been and try to select something that will remind them of that experience.