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What to Know when it comes to Jewelry Appraisal

What to Know when it comes to Jewelry Appraisal

Does Gold Unlimited offer appraisals? Good question – yes we do! An appraisal is the process of determining the value of a gemstone or piece of jewelry. Never thought you may have needed one for your valuables? You’d be surprised that having one done could add more value to them, as well as encourage you to safeguard and insure them properly. However, like anything else, it is a good idea to know a bit about the process before just having anyone appraise your jewelry. Here a few tips to help you along the way.

How to Find an Appraiser

Many jewelry stores offer appraisal services, but not all appraisers are equal. You have a good chance of finding an appraiser that suites your needs by searching for appraisal associations online. Typically these organizations have nationwide and even international member members close to where you live. Going through an association with certified members also a way for you to safeguard yourself, as members have to uphold ethical and professional standards. These members will also be required to have correct certifications.

Signs of a Quality Appraiser

Jewelry appraisers should have experience and training in their craft. This training is sometimes referred to as gemological or appraisal training. It is also highly useful for them to know exactly how jewelry is made, so they’ll be able to tell quality craftsmanship from mass-produced items. A certified appraiser should have received a paper certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Your Appraisal Report

When you are given your appraisal, make sure you’re not just given a verbal mention of value. An official Appraisal Report is needed when certifying the item being appraised indeed holds the value being asserted. It is also something an insurance company would want to see as proof when you’re looking to protect your asset. Your appraisal should include:

When the appraisal took place
Your contact information
The purpose of the appraisal
Item(s) value
Limiting conditions and assumptions
Disclosure Statement
Signature of appraiser
Appraiser’s credentials
Anyone involved in the appraisal process

Find Your Value Today with a Jewelry Appraisal

Have you inherited family heirlooms that you suspect may be worth more than just their sentimental value? Looking to shop for the best insurance to protect your valuables? Then you need to come into Gold Unlimited today for an appraisal by one of our specialists. We’ve been in business for over 25 years in San Antonio and look forward serving you.

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