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What to Look Out for When In the Market for Gold

What to Look Out for When In the Market for Gold

It’s easy to buy gold and later find out it’s not real, and that can be very upsetting. There are signs on the jewelry you may wish to buy that you should look out for. And if the jewelry is stamped for this then that means it doesn’t contain enough cash for gold San Antonio for later selling, if you wish to do so. What you should look out for is electro plated gold (EP) also known as gold plated (GP) or gold washed, heavy gold plated (HGP), heavy gold electro plated (HGE), gold filled, filled gold, rolled gold or rolled gold plated (RGP), and any fraction of gold.

Electro plated gold which is also known as gold plated and gold washed uses a junk base metal and dips it in a gold containing solution. The atoms of the gold are transferred to the surface of the junk metal. Depending on how long it is kept in the solution will determine the thickness of gold coat. The amount of gold on the junk metal is not economical for a refinery to recover gold and will refuse it since it costs more than it recovers for gold buyers San Antonio. There are ways to extract this gold yourself but those are very dangerous and can be literally explosive.

Another one to look out for is heavy gold plating (HGP). It essentially is another term for electro gold plating only with a slightly higher amount of gold. However it is still not enough.

Gold filled is also known as filled gold, rolled gold, and rolled gold plate (RGP). Basically the metal is covered with gold such that the weight of the item is partially a base metal and partially gold. The gold amount is further defined by a fraction like 1/5th, 1/10th 1/20th, 1/40th, or a percentage which is a portion of the total weight. Examples of this include 1/5th service pins for working at a company for a certain number of years. 1/10th gold filled eye glasses, the nose piece will usually be 12 karat 1/10th which ends up being only worth about five dollars in gold. 1/20th is common for costume jewelry. 1/40th is unusual but can be found in very poor quality older jewelry.

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