October Birthstones

Watermelon Tourmaline

Happy birthday, October babies! You have two birthstone options this month – opal and tourmaline. Learn more about the history and legend of each of these stones with a few fun facts:

Interesting Opal Facts

  • Historically, opals were included in crowns and other royal jewelry as the glittering orbs were thought to protect the ruler who wore them.
  • In 2008, opals were found on Mars! This discovery helped support NASA’s theory that life once existed on mars, as opals are created with water.
  • In Australian aboriginal legend, the opal was born when the creator of the earth stepped down at the base of a rainbow, in order to bring peace and balance to the people below.
  • Unlike other precious stones, an opal is judged primarily for its brilliance, color and clarity, rather than its size.
  • In addition to October birthdays, opals are the gemstone associated with wedding anniversaries for the 14th and 18th years of marriage.

Opal Stones

Interesting Tourmaline Facts

Watermelon Tourmaline

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