7 Signs You Gotta Put a Ring on Her Finger

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Valentine’s Day is only a few short weeks away. Already the grocery stores and pharmacy aisles are filled with red and pink chocolate hearts, fake flowers, cards and candies. Have you got a love of your life you want to impress, a special someone you just know in your heart of hearts is the one? Does she make you light up inside every time you see her? Why not decide to take that next step and show her in the most universal way? Here are 7 signs you gotta put a ring on her finger.

1. She Loves You for You

You’ve done the whole charade of trying to impress people and appear smarter, funnier, wealthier, or more adventurous. She is the first person that you didn’t have to pretend with. She loves you for you – in spite of your shortcomings and imperfections. In fact, she may even love you because of them. When you can be your absolute self around someone you’ve found something quite rare.

2. She makes you a Better Person

She loves you for you and that’s what you love about her, but because of that you want to be a better person. She doesn’t try to control you or complain constantly about you not meeting her expectations. You want to be better for her because she deserves it for being with you. You may fail, but your heart is always in the right place.

3. You’re Most Content when she’s around

You used to like your alone time with the boys playing cards and watching sports. But now those things just don’t satisfy you like they used to. Finding ways of being with her more consumes you because when you are, you want nothing else. Feeling grounded, life feels as it should be.

4. Every Other Woman Pales in Comparison

Those who say they don’t notice other women are lying. So when she asks you tell her the truth. Your truth should be that yes, you acknowledge other women, but almost immediately you forget they are there because they aren’t your woman. She is a magnetic energy you’re drawn to, the one whose gaze and approval you desire the most. The color of the world fades in her presence and you’re captivated by it.

5. You Feel Unstoppable Together

Alone you feel vulnerable, but when you’re with her you feel you can conquer mountains – sometimes literally. Whether it be overcoming personal issues, financial problems, participating in a new activity, going on an adventure, starting a business or dropping everything and moving to another state, anything feels possible with her by your side.

6. She’s a Great Friend, Not just a Lover

Romance is an incredible feeling when you’re in love, but love doesn’t always have to look like Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes love looks like a best friend that teases and jokes, one that isn’t afraid to let you have a little space to let you enjoy your hobbies and endeavors. In fact, she may even want to participate and learn about your interests because she knows they’re what make you the person she loves.

7. You want to Experience the Best in life with Her

This one is easy. Do you envision sharing the most monumental moments of your life with her? Is it difficult to imagine any of them without her in the picture? Then you gotta put a ring on her finger.

Not just any engagement ring will do.

You need one that will capture her matchless spirit. At Gold Unlimited we carry some of the finest custom engagement rings that will do just that. Come into our showroom today and we’ll help you make this Valentine Day one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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How to Propose this New Years

The New Year is only a few days away! It’s a time for reflection, rebirth, commitment to improvement and sometimes, to another person. There is a reason why the New Tear is a popular time to propose and just because many others will be doing it doesn’t mean your has to be any less significant. If you’re thinking of popping the question this New Year’s don’t do it without a proper game plan! Make sure she can only say one thing…YES!!


Surprise Her
This is the whole point tight? Even if you’ve been dating for years you still want to maintain the element of surprise as she will remember it for the rest of her life.

Make sure you have “Permission”
Some couples talk extensively about their future together and even marriage. One of the most important things is the ring. Although you can always go back to get it refitted and augmented, to some women the ring buying process is an intimate one that they wish to be involved in. Make sure she wasn’t hoping to go ring shopping WITH you.

Choose a Special Spot
Don’t be at in a mosh pit at a metal concert unless you’re absolutely sure she’s into that. You’ll always remember the place you proposed and will even visit in the future again to reignite your flame. Make sure the setting is more than just beautiful, make sure it means something to the both of you.

Record the Moment
One of the biggest turnoffs can be a man holding a ring in one hand while holding an iPhone in the other. Prepare beforehand and make sure you have someone waiting in secret or a preplaced recording device to make sure you capture that once in a lifetime moment forever.

There’s only one thing left to do…party! Keep the celebrations intimate and only open to people who mean a lot to the both of you. Don’t invite the whole neighborhood, that’s what the wedding is for.


Embarrass her
Only you know your significant other the best. You know what she finds romantic and what turns her off. Make sure that however you choose to propose doesn’t put her on the spot and make feel pressured into giving you a certain response. She will hold that against you for a long time. Try to stay away from public proposals where strangers are around or family who may project unfair feelings of expectation.

Be Boring
Make your proposal story one worth telling. Don’t just pull the ring out at dinner.

Get too Clever
The dinner example is a good one. Please don’t hide thousands of dollars’ worth of precious metal and stone inside her chocolate soufflé. Choking and possible theft are likely scenarios.

Drink too much
It’s ok to have a drink or two to loosen up, but if you find yourself incredibly nervous and gulping down old-fashions, you may want to reconsider your proposal.

Get your Engagement Ring at Gold Unlimited!

So you have the perfect proposal planned out? What about the ring? If you’re still fretting about where you’re going to get the hardware or can’t seem to find something that reflects just how special you think she is – come on into Gold Unlimited to view our wide selection of high-end diamonds and rings. We do custom alterations and will work with you to make sure your day will be one to remember.

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4 Heartwarming Holiday Proposals from Gold Unlimited

It’s that time of year where magic and warmth and hot chocolate abound – The Holidays! There’s just something about the cold weather and the general spirit of togetherness that creates some our fondest memories. So what have you got planned for Christmas this December? If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pull a wonderfully creative stunt on your loved ones there is no better time than the present. The following people thought so as well and make up Gold Unlimited’s list of heartwarming holiday proposals.

Almost right away you realize something special is about to happen as it’s pretty uncommon for a grown woman to sit on St. Nick’s lap. As Kristen sits down, Santa already has something for her – a small box. Her curiosity is awakened and as she sheepishly opens the package, her significant other Lee moves in to pop the question he’s been thinking of for a long time, “Will you marry me?” Judging by the size of that engagement ring, we think the response was positive.

Sometimes the best proposals happen in less than intimate settings and require a lot of collaboration. Ryan Mulloy thought a Christmas performance at the Tower City in Cleveland was the perfect opportunity. A toy soldier asked Leanna Krause to dance with him. Soon after that, Ryan was dancing as well. It seemed like a spontaneous, fun moment. Then, the music stopped and the crowd went silent. Ryan got down on one knee, held out a beautiful engagement ring and proposed. Leanna accepted as the crowd erupted in cheers.

You might first think that the rambunctious Santa is the clever proposer in disguise, but after giving Leah a small package he exits. After a few moments she begins to fiddle with the box. Immediately upon opening it her boyfriend (who has been standing casually by the refrigerator) drops to one knee and totally floors her. She can’t stop staring at her diamond engagement ring and then back at him as if to say, “Are you serious???!”

Last but certainly not least is this incredibly creative and ultimately surprising Christmas proposal under the guise of a family photo. This man got the whole clan involved with shirts and angles and double-sided signs. First one picture is taken, then in a clever move two family members switch spots and completely change the entire message. Needless to say, when the man’s soon-to-be fiancé reviews the picture, she is floored and spins around to find a custom engagement ring and a single question waiting for her.

Make a Memory this Christmas with an Engagement Ring from Gold Unlimited

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