Coordinating Your Wedding Jewelry, Venue And Theme

wedding jewelry necklace

Crafting the perfect look on your big day means coordinating everything from your hair to your dress and your makeup to your jewelry to compliment the selected venue, colors, theme, etc. If you are planning on tying the knot in San Antonio, there are some beautiful wedding venues to choose from. After selecting the venue, the dress and your theme, it’s time to move on to jewelry.

At Gold Unlimited, we created a few wedding looks that incorporate venues, themes, dresses and pieces of fine jewelry that complete your perfect ensemble.


Venue: Hotel Emma

Theme: Vintage

hotel-emma-photo credit the rivard report
Photo courtesy of The Rivard Report
hotel emma food eating wedding
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lace wedding dress vintage
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What Jewelry To Wear
aquamarine earrings gold boutique
Gold Unlimited aquamarine earrings


Venue: La Cantera Resort and Spa

Theme: Elegant, Romantic

la cantera resort and spa outside
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Stephanie Allin Couture 2016 Wedding Dresses — Love Letters Bridal Collection _ Wedding Inspirasi
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What Jewelry To Wear
gold unlimited jewelry diamond necklace
Gold Unlimited diamond necklace


Venue: San Antonio Museum of Art

Theme: Modern, Fun, Quirky

San Antonio Museum of Art wedding reception
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san antonio museum of art wedding
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house of mooshki wedding dress modern
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What Jewelry To Wear
blue stone ring gold unlimited
Gold Unlimited ‘something blue’ stone ring


As you move closer to your big day, trust that your wedding jewelry will be unique, memorable and of the highest quality. Meet the knowledgeable staff at Gold Unlimited for any of your wedding jewelry needs, and we will choose a unique piece suited specifically for you. If we don’t have the perfect item in store, we can custom create a piece.

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