November Birthstone – Yellow Topaz

Topaz Decorations

Happy Birthday, November babies! Celebrate yourself or a loved one with the official birthstone of November: yellow topaz! Here are five facts about this beautiful golden stone to help you celebrate another year of life:

1. It’s Recognized Across Cultures  

Many different cultures have recognized the power of Topaz to bring people strength and protect them from harm. The Greeks thought it increased strength and could make the wearer invisible, while the Egyptians wore it as an amulet to protect themselves from injury.

2. It’s Widespread

Most Topaz is mined in the country of Brazil, but Russia and Pakistan are other common places. To date, Topaz has been found in the United States, Germany,  Sri Lanka, Italy and Mexico.


3. No One is Sure How it Got Its Name

Because it is found in so many different places and cultures, it is unclear where the name “topaz” originates. Some say it comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” which means fire. Others believe the Romans named the stone after an island in the Red Sea called “topazos,” where the stone was once supposedly found.

Topaz Ring

4.  More Than Just Mellow Yellow

Although yellow topaz is the official stone of November, topaz can be found in a variety of different colors. The rarest of these is a dark red color known as “Imperial Topaz.” Blue is another popular color, and represents December birthdays.

Topaz Decorations

5. It’s Durable

Topaz is ideal for daily wear because of its hardness on the mohs scale. It ranks at an 8, making it resistant to potential damages.

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Best Jewelry Bloggers to Follow

Are you a lover of all things sparkly? What about gold? Do you drool over gemstones?

Stay current with the latest jewelry trends and keep up with some of the most noteworthy up-and-coming designers. There are some fantastic bloggers dedicated to covering jewelry in all of its forms and fashions. From bracelets to brooches, pendants to rings and everything in between, these knowledgeable bloggers have got you covered.

Here is a curated list from the Gold Unlimited staff on who is worth the follow.



This blog is chock -full of stylish photos and creative content including quriky Q&As with some of the latest and greatest jewelry designers as well as a dedicated antique section. The blog’s writer and editor, Danielle started the blog in 2008. She has education and experience as a gemologist and appraiser and is now traveling the world covering jewelry-related stories, visiting stores and collecting eye-catching. jaw-dropping rings with one of the most extensive collections we have ever seen. The blog has a large social media following as well with over 17 thousand Twitter followers, 101 thousand Instagram followers and over 6 thousand Facebook likes.



Founded in 2009 by globetrotter Liza Urla, Gemologue is a feast for the eyes. The photos are beautiful and the featured jewelry is, of course, breathtaking. Liza is bringing the glamor from all over the world, including London Milan, Hong Kong, NYC, Rio and Moscow. She shares her thoughts on new collections, conducts extensive interviews and relays incredibly helpful information about buying gemstones. Get a peek inside fashion week or check out her “Street Style” section – Gemologue has something for everyone.

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One of our favorite blogs to reference for estate jewelry is Jewels Du Jour. Originally a professional figure skater for Ukraine, Natalie was a long time social media enthusiast who took a few consultant positions helping to promote jewelers online and fell in love with the work. She built Jewels Du Jour and never looked back. On her site, Natalie says that she, “seek[s] to explore every aspect of the jewelry world, from digging through archives of historic jewelry houses, like Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier, to discovering the Fabergés of modern times, such as the reclusive Joel Arthur Rosenthal.” Her specialties are profiling important historical pieces and contemporary aesthetics. Jewels De Jour’s largest social media platform is Instagram, which boasts about 32 thousand followers.


For continual jewelry inspiration, explore the sites of the talented bloggers listed and don’t forget to stop by Gold Unlimited to put all of that accumulated knowledge and awareness to good use.

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