New Arrivals: The Finest of Fine Jewelry at Gold Unlimited

At Gold Unlimited, we receive new arrivals regularly. These fine jewelry pieces can range anywhere from gorgeous diamond necklaces to unique engagement rings, to colorful earrings and men’s watches. Below are a few of our newest pieces to marvel at. Visit us at our San Antonio storefront for more information and to speak with our jewelry experts.


Diamond Necklace

gold unlimited jewelry diamond necklace


Diamond Encrusted Pendant

gold unlimited jewelry gold pendant


Selection of Men’s Gold Rings

gold unlimited jewelry men's rings


Selection of Diamond Rings

gold unlimited diamond rings jewelry


Aquamarine Earrings and Ring

gold unlimited jewelry aquamarine earrings ring


Variety of Blue Gemstone Rings

gold unlimited jewelry blue stone rings



Visit Gold Unlimited to receive professional advice on selecting your next breathtaking piece of jewelry. It is our pride and joy to send you home with the perfect piece, custom made or selected to suit your fine taste.

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