Wedding Bands For Your Groom

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You’ve got the diamonds, said yes, chosen your maid of honor and possibly even selected a venue – planning for the big day is well underway. Your hubby-to-be put a tremendous amount of thought, time and effort into choosing your engagement ring. Now, you are faced with the tough task of trying to select a wedding band for him.

If your groom isn’t a regular jewelry wearer, the task may seem difficult – you want to incorporate his personal style while also selecting a timeless piece that he will be proud of for years to come. With the availability of rings spanning a variety of materials, cuts, designs and engraving options, you may need a bit of help narrowing down your selection. At Gold Unlimited, we know just how time intensive this process can be, so we compiled a list of some helpful tips when choosing your man’s band.



Textures and finishes come in a variety of metals, including gold, sterling silver and platinum. Industrial metals such as titanium, stainless steel and tungsten are very durable and offer a masculine appeal.


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Comfort and fit are the most important factor when choosing a band shape. Comfort-fit wedding bands, for example, are a good choice for men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry. A pipe band, on the other hand, features straight edges and a flat top for a more contemporary look.

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Does your groom enjoy the finer things in life? Would he appreciate a bit of sparkle or a few colorful accents in his ring? Men’s wedding bands can include diamonds and gemstones. A row of inlaid diamonds is a popular choice among some grooms, but remember to keep your future husband’s style in mind when considering this option.

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Not his father’s wedding band, detailed rings are the right fit for a guy who wants to be noticed. A unique or ornate band features specific detailing like beading, engraving and sculpting to add more of an aesthetic appeal to the classic style.

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These simple tips can easily help you determine which ring is the perfect selection for your groom on your wedding day . If you feel you need a bit more help though, come into Gold Unlimited’s San Antonio storefront for professional advice and personalized service. Trust Gold Unlimited with this important purchase for your big day.

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