How To Find The Right Ring Size

measuring ring size

Unlike most clothing, jewelry is usually easy to size—your earrings will always fit! Rings, though, are the exception to this rule.

Ring sizes often vary—The international standard of measurement is the internal circumference of a ring in millimeters. A ring measuring 54.4 is considered a size seven in the United States, but a size 14 in China and South America, and a size 14.5 in Italy and Switzerland.

With all of these discrepancies, how can you determine which ring is right for you when shopping online or when shopping for a loved one? Here are some helpful tips to make sure your new ring is a perfect fit.


Wrap some string or paper around your finger, and measure with a ruler

A tape measure is too bulky to wrap around the small section of your finger where a ring sits. Instead, wrap a thin piece of string, paper, or ribbon around your finger, then measure it lying flat. Once you have the measurement in millimeters, find the appropriate ring size for the country where your store is located.

ring size chart
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Measure under the right conditions

It’s best to measure for that ring at the end of the day, after your normal routine of working, typing, and texting. Be sure your fingers are nice and warm— cold fingers measure deceivingly small.

warming hands

Grab a favorite ring that fits you best, and compare sizes

Most online jewelry stores offer a visual chart to give you an idea of what your ring will look like, size-wise. Even if you’ve purchased one size consistently in the past, it can be best to double check with a ring that is currently a comfortable fit. This way you can be sure that your new ring will fit, even if this jewelry store sizes differently than others or your fingers have changed size since your last purchase.

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Once you’ve selected the right size, all you’ll have to worry about is wearing that ring with style. Check out Gold Unlimited’s selection of rings to find your next ideal accessory.

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