Fall Wedding Inspiration

A bouquet of apples.

You’ve got the engagement ring, you’ve got your bride or groom, now it’s time to plan your wedding. Autumn can be a wonderful time for a wedding – it’s not as hot as summer weddings, nor as popular as spring nuptials. We’ve covered several popular fall wedding trends for you to consider as you plan your big day

Wedding dresses with whimsy

Fall is an ethereal time of year, and many brides are choosing dresses that reflect this. Popular trends from this season’s bridal fashion week include fluttery sleeves, 3D details, and off-the-shoulder gowns. Quirky details can help a bride’s personality to shine through (without verging greatly from a traditional wedding dress).

A variety of fluttery fall wedding gowns.
Photo courtesy of theknot.com.

Minimalistic Wedding Décor

Fall is one of the most colorful times of the year, and many brides are choosing to let these natural colors serve as their main seasonal decoration. Avoiding cumbersome and intricate decorations is an increasingly popular decision, and can save bride’s money as well as the headache of managing multiple extensive décor options.

Fall colors highlight any wedding.

Simple and Seasonal Wedding Colors

Let your fall wedding work with the colors of the season, not against them. While it’s best to stay away from crazy-bright oranges or reds, many brides are opting to compliment the season with deep plum and burgundy tones. This shift from the typical pastel can make your fall wedding feel a little more in tune with the atmosphere outside. Metallics make a great seasonal accent, as well.

Burgundy wedding shoes.

Incorporate Food that has meaning

Fall is a season for food and family, so it’s a great idea to include a few dishes that reflect your heritage. Include a special recipe from your hometown and make the menu a little more meaningful. If your wedding falls near Thanksgiving or another holiday, you might even consider incorporating some traditional holiday food in the wedding menu. Pumpkin pie is delicious any time of the year, after all!

Mini pumpkin pies.

Incorporate seasonal foliage in your bouquet

Fall is full of interesting and beautiful blooms. Venture away from the traditional bouquet with a seasonal collection of harvest-time flowers and fruits. Even small apples and squashes have become a popular item in this year’s bridal line-up! You’ll save some money by drawing on local and seasonal blossoms, and whoever catches your bouquet will be pleased with the unique arrangement.

A bouquet of apples.
Photo courtesy of strictlyweddings.com.

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