Choosing an Elegant Timepiece for the Groom-To-Be

bride groom watch

True love comes at just the right time. Give your groom the perfect gift that shows off his style, lasts a lifetime and reminds him of the time you have spent together – a watch that he’ll be proud to wear on your wedding day.

As a bride, you will be wearing a beautiful new dress, lavish jewelry, new shoes and more. The glamour of your big day shouldn’t be one sided, though. Make your groom feel loved and appreciated with a gift crafted specifically for your wedding day.

watches_02 gold unlimited



This memorable gift may become a family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next. Be sure it is a timeless piece that is luxurious and meets your man’s refined taste and personality.

watches_01 gold unlimited

What to Consider…

His hobbies and style
  • Watches are availability in a variety of styles, including dress, designer, sports and classic. Between color, crystal type and strap materials, the options are limitless, so be sure to select a style that best suits your suitor.
Price point
  • What is realistic for you in terms of cost? A quality watch can begin at about $200 and can increase in price to well over $1,000. Narrow down his potential watches with a price point that won’t break the bank.
What materials and details
  • Does your future husband prefer gold? What about titanium? Does his pay attention to detail? If so, a rotating bezel may be a nice addition. For the dial, do you think he would prefer a digital face or an analog with either Roman or Arabic numerals?
  • If your groom is of a large stature, choose watches with large faces. If he is smaller, choose more compact and subtle watch models.

watches gold unlimted

These simple tips can easily help you determine which watch is the perfect selection for your groom on your wedding day – a purchase that will display your gratitude and love. If you feel you need a bit more help though, come into Gold Unlimited for professional advice and personalized service. We will adjust your selection to fit, outfit the piece with generous warranties and share repair knowledge that will put your mind at ease. Trust Gold Unlimited with this important purchase for your big day.


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What To Give Your Spouse on Your Anniversary

It is the time to celebrate with the love of your life, to think about all the moments you have spent together and dream about the many years to come. Anniversaries are very special occasions, and as we at Gold Unlimited agree that love should be celebrated every day, but we also know that presents to commemorate the occasion are undoubtedly appreciated.

The real question is, “What Should I Buy?” You want your gift to be significant, beautiful and most importantly, you want a gift that will make your spouse happy.

We want your celebration to be as perfect as you imagined, so we have compiled a few gift ideas to symbolize your union and love.


Pearls are classic gifts for anniversaries. These gemstones are recognized for its purity and beauty. No matter where you wear them, pearls are eventually a must have for women wardrobe.

Pearl Ring


There is one birthstone specific for each month of the year, meaning your significant other will recognize the extra thoughtfulness that went into this gift. Your gift could include the birthstone associated with your anniversary month for a special touch.

Greenstone Necklace


Diamonds are known as “A Girl’s Best Friend”, but they also symbolize immortality, legacy, harmony and stability.

Diamond Ring


Watches give presence, complete outfits and also tell a lot about your personality. These are great accessories to wear every day.




Now that you have some inspiration, check the Gold Unlimited selection to find the perfect item for you anniversary gift.

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Vintage, Estate, Antique and Costume Jewelry: What’s What?

vintage pile jewelry


To the trained eye, vintage, estate, antique and costume jewelry are easily differentiated. If you are less familiar with these terms and the eras and styles that they represent, however, the task may be much more difficult. Before shopping for vintage jewelry, you should understand the meaning of these commonly used terms.

Read over Gold Unlimited’s basic breakdown of the prevalent terms used to help date older pieces of fine jewelry.

Antique Jewelry

The U.S. Government defines ‘antique’ as a valuable that is over a century old. This term is sometimes inaccurately associated with costume jewelry, but antique pieces are actually previously owned heirlooms that are highly valued.

Timeline – 1920s and older

Gold Unlimited piece
Gold Unlimited piece

Vintage Jewelry

Pieces that are younger than 100 years old, but are usually older than 50 years are referred to as vintage. Vintage Jewelry is considered to still be recent enough to be in style.

Timeline – 1980s and older

retro pendant

Estate Jewelry

Refers to jewelry, often masterpieces, which are part of the ‘estate’ of another person. These pieces are second-hand or pre-owned and are considered significant pieces that may be either antique or vintage.

Timeline – Past or present


Costume Jewelry

Jewelry designed to wear with current fashions, usually made of inexpensive materials. Its imitation gems and sometime gaudy appearance mark this ‘of the moment’ jewelry.

Timeline – Past or present

costume jewelry earrings



Because of age, almost every vintage or antique piece is considered estate jewelry. Fine antique and vintage pieces are collected as keepsakes or investments, whereas costume jewelry is sometimes passed off as vintage jewelry. Antique and vintage jewelry pieces are usually made of high-quality materials that were able to stand the test of time. These pieces fetch high prices due to the level of workmanship and the purity of their stones.


For a fantastic selection of estate jewelry, stop by Gold Unlimited today. Our knowledgable professionals will you assist you in choosing the perfect custom or estate piece that will leave you breathless.

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Best Jewelry Bloggers to Follow

Are you a lover of all things sparkly? What about gold? Do you drool over gemstones?

Stay current with the latest jewelry trends and keep up with some of the most noteworthy up-and-coming designers. There are some fantastic bloggers dedicated to covering jewelry in all of its forms and fashions. From bracelets to brooches, pendants to rings and everything in between, these knowledgeable bloggers have got you covered.

Here is a curated list from the Gold Unlimited staff on who is worth the follow.



This blog is chock -full of stylish photos and creative content including quriky Q&As with some of the latest and greatest jewelry designers as well as a dedicated antique section. The blog’s writer and editor, Danielle started the blog in 2008. She has education and experience as a gemologist and appraiser and is now traveling the world covering jewelry-related stories, visiting stores and collecting eye-catching. jaw-dropping rings with one of the most extensive collections we have ever seen. The blog has a large social media following as well with over 17 thousand Twitter followers, 101 thousand Instagram followers and over 6 thousand Facebook likes.



Founded in 2009 by globetrotter Liza Urla, Gemologue is a feast for the eyes. The photos are beautiful and the featured jewelry is, of course, breathtaking. Liza is bringing the glamor from all over the world, including London Milan, Hong Kong, NYC, Rio and Moscow. She shares her thoughts on new collections, conducts extensive interviews and relays incredibly helpful information about buying gemstones. Get a peek inside fashion week or check out her “Street Style” section – Gemologue has something for everyone.

Photo courtesy of


One of our favorite blogs to reference for estate jewelry is Jewels Du Jour. Originally a professional figure skater for Ukraine, Natalie was a long time social media enthusiast who took a few consultant positions helping to promote jewelers online and fell in love with the work. She built Jewels Du Jour and never looked back. On her site, Natalie says that she, “seek[s] to explore every aspect of the jewelry world, from digging through archives of historic jewelry houses, like Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier, to discovering the Fabergés of modern times, such as the reclusive Joel Arthur Rosenthal.” Her specialties are profiling important historical pieces and contemporary aesthetics. Jewels De Jour’s largest social media platform is Instagram, which boasts about 32 thousand followers.


For continual jewelry inspiration, explore the sites of the talented bloggers listed and don’t forget to stop by Gold Unlimited to put all of that accumulated knowledge and awareness to good use.

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Jewelry Vocabulary: What To Know Before You Get To The Store

red jewel image

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and brining with it expectations of a memorable night with your partner. If you are preparing to present your loved one a piece of jewelry this year, be sure you are familiarized with basic jewelry terminology so you can clearly communicate what your love is looking for.


10 Common Jewelry Terms


A small, rectangular gem shape usually used as accents to larger stones. Baguette-shaped stones are normally step cut.

Baguette stone


A rigid bracelet that slips over the wrist. Bangles may or may not open with clasps. Bangles that open to be put on or removed and close with or without clasps are known as hinged bangles.



A design in relief, typically against a contracting background. Cameos have been carved for centuries, but they were popular during the Victoria period through the 1930s. They are often made of shell and coral but can be seen in hearder stones such as agate, onyx and sardonyx.

Cameo necklack pendant


A hammered finish on jewelry includes crater-like depressions on a metal surface decorated by a metalworker’s hammer.

hammered medal rings


A cord necklace with two open ends that hang down in the front and can be looped into a knot or secured by a slide.



A metal setting for stones decorated with tiny, raised beads.


Refractive Index

The amount a beam of light bends as it enters a gemstone and then strikes a subsequent surface(s) is known as the gem’s refractive index. A gem’s RI is one of the most important characteristics that can be used to identify it.

Refractive diamond

Toggle Clasp

The toggle clasp is a simple closure consisting of a ring on one end of a chain and a small bar on the other. The bar slides through the ring and then sits across it, holding the two ends of the chain together. The weight of the bracelet or necklace, combined with gravity, keeps the clasp from opening unexpectedly.


A twisted necklace usually consisting of strands of beads that can be worn draped or twisted often with a large ornamental catch that is meant to be worn in the front or at the side.


Gilded Silver. Sterling silver covered with a layer of gold by plating of some type or by other processes.


If your understanding of jewelry isn’t as clear as crystal, no need to fret. Stop by Gold Unlimited today and let one of our knowledgeable staff assist you step by step in the process of picking out your next piece.

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En Route: Best Traveling Jewelry Cases

jewelry-pouch mochithings photo by mochithings

Are you always on the go? Your precious jewels are an investment that should be protected properly during travel, so choose carriers worthy of the pieces you own. Simply placing your jewelry in small baggies or velvet drawstring pouches does not prevent damage and delicate pieces can often become tangled.

Scroll through for a few packing options – perfect jewelry storage solutions whether you are going on vacation, a business trip or an extended stay.


Wolf Caroline Cream Small Jewelry Case

Wolf Caroline Cream Small Jewelry Case
Photo courtesy of


This classically shaped jewelry case includes quilted black leather, a gold-finished lock and a glass mirror. With seven compartments and six ring rolls, this case is ideal for any upcoming vacation. Its anti-tarnish lining absorbs hostile gases known to cause jewelry’s tarnishing.


Vera Bradley Go Round Jewelry Case

vera bradley round case photo by
Photo courtesy of


This marvelous mini case is durable, dainty and rigid enough to protect all of your valuable keepsakes. A removable tray keeps rings and earrings securely separated and the base compartment will ensure that your bangles maintain their shape. The fun pattern is interesting and eye-catching.


Front Gate Safe Deposit Box

frontgate safe desposit box photo by
Photo courtesy of


Fit for royalty, this solid case is luxurious and features multiple storage compartments including a removable mini travel case. Its key lock closure is vital for ensuring protection of your jewelry while in transit. The Safe Deposit Box also includes a treated interior, a saffiano leather exterior and shiny chrome accents.


Mochithings Jewelry Pouch

jewelry-pouch mochithings photo by mochithings
Photo courtesy of


This case is on the lighter side – designed to organize your precious jewelry perfectly for a quick trip. Made by Mochithings, a company focused on getting your life organized, the pouch is double sided and features specifically designed straps, pockets and compartments. The pockets can be used to store watches, rings and brooches while the perforated strap provides a safe space for earrings. The interior is made from suede to prevent scratching and breaking.


Now that you are prepared to travel with your jewels, don’t forget to pick up a new, vintage or custom piece from Gold Unlimited to brandish on your next vacation.

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Old World Charm With Vintage Elegance

A vintage piece of jewelry is timelessly beautiful, ecologically sound and fiscally practical. If you enjoy standing out from the crowd and are looking to make a statement that is authentic and meaningful, a vintage engagement ring, pendant, locket, brooch or avant-garde earrings may be perfect for you. Choose something completely unique with enduring allure.

The only question left to answer is – which era matches your personality?




Art Nouveau

Time: 1890-1910

Meaning: French for “New art”

Characteristics: Soft, mystical, romantic

Click image for more.

Soft, arched shapes inspired by plants and feminine curves were prevalent during this era. Jewelers utilized free flowing lines known as “whiplash” lines that communicated a romantic style with breathtaking detailing like hand-forged filigree. Nature-inspired motifs were combined with an intense use of color and mixed metals. Stones such as agate, moonstone, garnet and opal were incorporated and a variety of enameling techniques were used.



Time: 1901-1920

Meaning: Named after King Edward of Britain

Characteristics: Embellished, extravagant, delicate

Click image for more.

Graceful and elegant, some pieces from this era are so detailed that it appears the gemstones are set in lace. Designs saw an abundance of diamonds and are extremely feminine in appearance. Milgraining (a technique creating a row of tiny beads along the edge or boundary of a section of jewelry) was used extensively during this period. The extravagant and sophisticated reign of Edward VII were reflected in the high society jewelry of this period.


Art Deco 

Time: 1920-1935

Meaning: Name taken from The Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925 (Decorative Arts and Architecture)

Characteristics: bold, geometric

Click image for more.

This style continues to be a source of inspiration in art, fashion and jewelry design today. The use of sharp lines, clean shapes and large gemstones was influenced by the architecture of Egypt, Greece and Rome. There was a strong desire to eliminate the flowing lines reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period, thus eradicating seemingly unnecessary ornament. The association of art and modern industry was illustrated in plentiful Cubism and Fauvisim-inspired pieces. Advancements in cutting techniques during this time also allowed for diamonds to sparkle brighter than ever.



Time: 1935-1950

Meaning: Surrogate royalty / Art Moderne

Characteristics: Bigger, bolder, glitz, glamour

retro jewelry

Jewelry from this era saw yellow and rose gold pieces return to heightened popularity and transitional cut diamonds were common. Set against the drab realities of World War II, these pieces incorporated the fantasy and glamour of Hollywood. Cocktail jewelry, as it is sometimes called, became bolder, brighter and more lighthearted. Popular gemstones included aquamarines, topaz and citrines as well as rubies and sapphires. Huge rectangular cuts, oversized bracelets and patriotic-themed color combinations were popular.



Time: 1950-Today

Meaning: Contemporary, a break from the traditional

Characteristics: Flashy, dramatic designs

Click image for more.

Following the 1950s, jewelry designs underwent radical changes as customers sought fresh styles to distance themselves from the tumultuous past. Atomic designs reflected the nation’s focus on space exploration. Textured gold, Florentine finishes, twisted rope and braided wire were heavily used techniques. Economic growth and prosperity from this era is reflected in dramatic designs and a focus on diamonds. Other popular stones included amethyst, turquoise, coral and cultured pearls. Platinum, yellow gold and silver became the metals of choice.


At Gold Unlimited, we showcase a wide variety of vintage jewels in excellent condition. Explore the possibility of acquiring a show-stopping vintage piece to add to your collection.

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Store Your Jewelry Safely

hand holding safe

A large-scale insurance company recently reported that jewelry claims are 15 percent higher in December in January, with February about eight percent higher. Insurers have also reported that personal jewelry is most commonly stolen from the home. Losing a precious jewel, ring, necklace, bracelet or pendant can mean not only a significant financial loss, but a sentimental loss as well, so what can you do to keep them protected?

There are many ways you can improve the security of your jewelry at home if you’re diligent about safeguarding. Help protect your valuable pieces of jewelry against the elements and theft with an in-home safe. Safes offer a secure and central location to organize, store and retain some of your most prized possessions. Whether your collection is small or extensive, these tips can go a long way in terms of safeguarding your valuables.



When selecting the safe that’s right for you, there are several factors to consider. Below are a few of the essential aspects to weigh out in preparation for your purchase.

Jewlery safe photo by
Photo courtesy of

How Well Does it Protect?

Safes are easy targets for burglars, as most manufacturers construct safes that can only withstand about five minutes of attempted entry with a medium sized crowbar. The safe should have at least a ½-inch-thick solid steel floor and at least ¼-inch-thick solid plate welded steel walls.

The safe you select should also be weighty. If an offender can easily pick up and transport the safe with all of your jewels inside, it hasn’t done you any good. You want a safe well above minimum standards to ensure maximum protection.


Is it Accessible?

Usually located near a bedroom, vanity or closet, your jewelry storage should be easily accessible so that the pieces can be worn when desired. Study the layout of your current bedroom and master bath to decide which area would be best for your safe. Once you’ve decided on location, color and additional style features that compliment your room’s surroundings can be selected.


Does it Fit My Needs?

Form should always follow function, meaning a safe’s size and structure should suit your needs. Which items do you intend on storing regularly? How would you like them to be organized? What size safe will store your collection? How do you want to access your items?

Many quality jewelry safes are customizable with various locking mechanisms, interchangeable drawer inserts and soft lining options like satin, velvet or felt.



  • Keep inventory of your pieces – photos and descriptions in electronic form is preferable.
  • Clean your jewelry after each use to remove dirt and sweat.
  • Store each type individually to avoid entanglement, damage and scratches.
  • Keep the safe out of site.
  • Keep doors closed where you don’t want visitors to stray.
  • Be mindful of family, friends and pets.

expensive jewelry on black background


Don’t put your valuables at risk – preserve the priceless with an in-home safe. When you are ready to add a few pieces to your collection, visit Gold Unlimited and choose from the finest selection of jewelry and watches. You will treasure these pieces forever.

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Garnets Galore: A Look at January’s Birthstone

garnet gemstone

The New Year is already here and with it brings celebrations in the form of glitter, confetti and garnet – the birthstone of January. Every Capricorn and Aquarius knows that their signature deep red gemstone is one of the most dramatic and eye-catching jewels in history.

Let’s start the New Year off right by diving into what makes these vivid stones so sought after so you can gift one to the January darling in your life.



Garnet gemstones are found most often in a warm red shade but can come in a variety of colors including green, yellow and fiery orange. Garnets are not tampered with chemically or otherwise to enhance their color or appearance which makes their rich pigment that much more beautiful.

The world of garnets is also rich in rarities like star garnets and stones whose color changes depending on the lighting. The stones have a good hardness and are generally insensitive and uncomplicated to work with. The high refractive index causes great brilliance in the stones, which are found all over the world.

garnet raw stones


These stones are common in antique jewelry for good reason. They have much history and have been used in jewelry for centuries, including in pieces found from early Egypt, Greek and Roman times. Long thought of as a travellers’ stone, garnet has also been associated with feelings of security, stability, compassion and self-confidence. Garnet is even linked to the root chakra in the traditional Hindu belief systems. It is said that Noah used a garnet lantern to help him steer his ark through the dark night.



Garnets are fabulous when featured in necklaces, pendants, brooches and bracelets. Vintage pieces offer beautifully unique settings in everything from hairpins to sizeable rings. Traditional garnet jewelry from the mines of Central Europe typically feature small, closely set stones that appear similar to pomegranate seeds.

More modern designs such as drilled garnet stacked earrings, square cut garnets or garnets set into smooth, sleek silver have been explored in more recent years. Garnets work well as the central focus in a piece or can be mixed with other gemstones of contrasting color to create an innovative look.

garnet diamond necklace


Now that you’ve learned a bit about January’s birthstone, garnet, be sure to visit Gold Unlimited to select a piece that’s right for you or your loved one. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We will work with you to custom design a signature piece that’s just right.

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7 Jewelry Trends for 2016

Multiple rings at Gucci Vogue

If the top fashion and jewelry designers have taught us anything in the final months of this year, it is to definitely not shy away from drama in 2016. Spotted on the final runways readying for Spring 2016, these trend-setting designs are making statements.

Some pieces were like a breath of fresh air, while others were recycled classics from decades past with a new twist. Visible influences for some of the top designers included sleek architecture, the industrial revolution, 60s glamour and modern conveniences.

Look over these up-and-coming trends to prepare yourself and your jewelry box for the coming year.


Jeweled Brooches


Jeweled brooches at Prada Vogue
At Prada, photo courtesy of Vogue


Multiple Rings                       

Multiple rings at Gucci Vogue
At Gucci, photo courtesy of Vogue


Structured Gold Pieces

Greg Lauren photo courtesy of elle
Greg Lauren, photo courtesy of Elle


Locks and Chains


Alexander Wang photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar
Alexander Wang, photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


Bigger is Better


Big Earrings Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta, photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


Short and Sweet

brestplate Necklaces
Breastplate necklaces, photo courtesy of



Kara Ross national jeweler
Kara Ross, photo courtesy of


See how you can adapt these latest looks by stopping by Gold Unlimited or giving us a call today. Let’s find something that suits your taste or create a custom piece designed and inspired by you.


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